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How to write a good advertisement for job sites?

The ways and techniques of development of any advertisement for job sites are very similar to the other forms of advertisements. In any advertisement or promotion the job is the actual product and the readers and job seekers are the valued customers. So to write an appealing yet readable job advertisement, there are certain dos and don’ts.

The main aim of any job advertisement or any advertisement for that matter is to attract interest, communicate easily with clear job description, proper font and text style. Also, the procedure of application for the job should be as simple and fuss free as possible.

In any job advertisement, the writing, styling and creativity of the text and illustrations should hold accordance with the field of job offered. However, the entire creation should be enough professional looking so that it gets easy for the readers to find it dependable and genuine to apply for.

One way of winning over the confidence of the applicants is to have the mentioning of popular and dependable brands associated, if any. But the article should not be an overdose of that brand and be mentioned limitedly in the text. The matter, writing font and colour schemes of any advertisement should be done by keeping in mind the medium of publication.

For instance, if the medium of publication is online then the technique of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) may be adapted. Again, if the medium of publication is a newspaper or poster or anything in printed then various eye-grabbing techniques may be undertaken like good spacing, avoiding clumsy font and blinding neon coloured backgrounds, etc.

In any advertisement for job sites the main mantra for grabbing readers is the AIDA plan. AIDA stands for ATTENTION – INTEREST – DESIRE – ACTION. This obviously means that any advertisement in written form first aims at grabbing the attention of readers, followed by winning their interest through the article content. This in turn makes the readers desire for the job or offer and as a result inspire them to take action and apply for it.

The various requirements of a good, inspiring advertisement may be listed down. To begin with, the company or brand or consultancy name must be mentioned. The job title should have user and search engine friendly terminologies rather than hard ornamental words. This increases SEO of an advertisement article. For example, use the word “Sales Manager” and not “Invigorator”.

The advertisement should have precise mentioning of the location of the workplace. This is to eliminate any unwanted distant applicants who might cancel due to punishing commute. Another important aspect of a trustworthy job advertisement is the correct mentioning of the salary, allowances and associated information.

The job description should be should be precise and to-the-point and without any jargons. Job descriptions again should contain terms easier to be found and often searched by job seekers.

A good advertisement for job sites should have a vivid explanation about the eligibility and criteria required. To make applications easier, the application procedure should be much uncomplicated.

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