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Job Interview Secrets

Been looking at job listings? Found that job you always wanted and landed an interview, but not sure what to do to plan for it? Heaps of mistakes can potentially be avoided if you know how to prepare properly when going for a job interview. It’s common to make mistakes when you’re a bit nervous. However, with some preparation and practice you can land that dream job with ease. Here are some ideas to keep you focussed and get that job:

Getting Too Personal

Don’t be too unprofessional during the interview. For example, telling your whole life story or rambling on too much about personal details. This canoften cause uneasiness or offense to the person interviewing you. Stay focussed and on topic, and answer all of the questions professionally and succinctly.

Not Picking Up On Cues

Sometimes the interviewer will assist you by giving you subtle clues. It’s crucial to respond to these small signs, which will often be shown in the form of body language or the wording of questions. The most ideal method to respond to this is to consider what the person hiring you might want to hear, and how they mostly likely would hope to hear it.




For example, a  corporation such as a law firm or government facility might want responses using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) while a less professional workplace such as a fast food restaurant are might be more likely to appreciate a more relaxed situation for an interview. Use your initiative, and if you have the resources find out from the company website or from others what is best. Often it is useful to even ask the business who is considering you for the position what they like to see.

Research Is Flattery

To land a job you should show that you’re knowledgeable and interested in their business and values. Learn more about the place before interviewing with them. Companies appreciate it when you know small bits of information about them; it demonstrates that you must clearly want the position more than others.

These are just a few of the hints that can assist you to do your best in a job interview. Just study hard on the company, be attentive and when all else fails, use your initiative. Happy hunting!

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